Thank you EAST

Thank you McCrory High's EAST Program. Some students in the Class of 2023 wanted to help new students coming into McCrory High. So they decided to make some short YouTube videos on how to do things around the high school.

How to open your locker

 This is our first video. We hope you enjoy and learn how to open your locker. If you are coming into high school and aren't sure of how to do some things, make sure to comment below and we'll try to get a video up!                                   

What stairs to use

 This is our second video we have made for the new 7th graders! You have to use certain stairs when you get in our high school! Side stairs for going up and middle stairs for going down! Make sure to use the right stairs or you might get D-hall! 

Find your classes!

 This video shows you where all your classes are! If you still cannot find your classes once you get in high school, then you can go to Mrs. Norton, the councelor.